What I learned from being a fleeting internet celeb

As I mentioned before I never in a million years figured my little gimmick would take off.  I knew I had done something special but most people just ignore the stupid stuff I do.  A buddy of mine aptly named ‘someonefromhell’ tweeted the IP of my little gimmick and a few hours later, cmdrtaco formerly of slashdot, and Tim O’Reilly of publishing fame retweeted it.  From there my poor little T1 hit near 100% utilization (this is fine, its for testing only) and my 15 minutes were created.  

From all of this ive learned that people get jealous really quickly and want to destroy what they didnt create.  beaglenetworks.net was under relentless attack, harming my upstream.  Now as a CCIE specializing in large networks, I knew what was going on, and I knew what equipment I had at hand would never be able to fend this off.  I moved the website to tumblr, and moved dns hosting over to godaddy.

I was worried the IP itself would get hammered and late Sunday, unfortunately it did.  The DDoS to the website was insignificant to the amount of bandwidth launched at  While the server was getting hammered with approx 25mbps of various attack vectors, the DDoS on the ip was enormous.  Over 1 GBPS of data coming in all at once.  Thankfully, a well engineered network stood up to this, but the T1 was no match.  My upstream ISP needed to contact thier peers to shut down that ip.. probably forever.  Ironically, because of the way the traceroute was designed, a simple ping -f would have taken out the poor 1841s. No need to throw a few gigs at me!

These DDoS’s are nothing more than network bullying.  I was bullied all through school and early in my career as well.  Bullying is a horrific event, however it made me stronger.  Ive learned that bullies always end up alone, and the bullied usually come out on top.

It was great while it lasted. Thank you all for the very nice comments, emails and tweets. 

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